Monday, April 25, 2011

9 weeks into the new treatment

So now 3 cycles into the new drug Xeloda, and as per the doctor’s comments on the side effects, my feet and hands are giving me hell. I have managed to keep the blistering at bay and have had minimal peeling by using hemp oil every day. The main problem is the pain and tenderness in my fingertips and feet to the point I have to get Meghan to button up my shirt each morning ready for work. I also have really bad skin itches all over my body, which drives me crazy but am taking antihistamine tablets to help. Yes another tablet to the menu of 25 pills. My last visit to the doctor was positive with my CEA blood markers reducing further to 25 from a previous 40, so still dropping although at a slower rate now that they are getting lower. I suspect they will not change much now until I have an operation to remove the tumor in my bowel. The Doctors still think we can wait for this operation until the end of the year or early next year if I have no problems in the meantime and concentrate on the liver. Strange to think the root of all my sickness is still sitting in my body and we are happy to leave it there for now!!!! Scans have been booked in for the end of May and this will be the real test to see how I am progressing, especially with the tumors in my liver. Fingers crossed they have reduced further from my last scan back in January. I have gained 2 kilos in weight over the past 3 weeks and am back to my original weight before being diagnosed. I still get very tired and the drugs have affected my short term memory which is very annoying. I have managed to maintain my normal work routine, but at times struggle and wonder for how much longer I can do this at this level. It is one of the things which keeps me going so I will keep pushing myself within my limits and hopefully will be able to keep going. I just don't want to be one of the many sufferers who cannot work and stay at home and have their life ruled by this dreadful disease. It is my little boy, Sam’s third birthday soon (May 25th) and I am thankful for everyday we spend together and intend to celebrate many more birthdays in the years to come.
For now all the results are pointing in the right direction and I remain as positive as ever.


  1. Hi. David.
    We admire your strength & positive attitude in dealing with your problem. You are often in our thoughts & we marvel at your capacity to keep pushing yourself in search of the elusive snippets of good news that come along. Keep up the good work. It is hard to believe Sam will be 3. We are sure he will have a lovely day with you & Meghan. Our love to all.
    Pat and Graham.

  2. Hi Dave,

    You are an inspiration to many.
    It was great catching up with you!
    Keep up the positvie thoughts, "You can do it"