Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stable, what does it mean?

I have had my latest scan and follow up Doctors appointment, which Meghan came along to give support as she does everyday. In a nutshell, I came out of his office feeling like a just played in a sports game which ended up in a draw. The Doctor said there was minimal change in my results compared to the last scan, which is good that there has been no cancer growth, but on the other hand no reduction. The Doctor seemed happy with this result and expected it. When I probed deeper he said if my condition remained stable he would be happy until the current treatment stopped working and then we would have to look at changing again. Eventually the chemo will not be effective, so I hope we can beat it before getting to this stage. We asked the big question on life expectancy as you do! The answer. Same as I have been told before, 6 to 24 months from diagnosis. This is the standard spiel from every Doctor I have spoken to. Quote "research tells us this is the average time frame". Blah Blah!!! Looks like I will need to improve these statistics. As I write this blog I have just spent the last 8 hours in the ED at the Darwin Hospital. The tumor in my bowel bled today, which scared the hell out of me, but after multiple tests I got the all clear, but not really knowing why it happened. It could not have been due to a growth in the tumor as the scan showed no growth. We are hoping it was due to the tumor breaking down, but no proof of this. So just another trip to the Emergency Department, another day in my life now. Meghan and Sammy came out to see me with Sam also accepting it is now a part of Daddy's life and takes it for granted. I hope one day this will be just a memory for him and we never see the inside of that dreaded Hospital. Back to have my 17th round of chemo tomorrow and continue the fight against the big C.
Life goes on

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