Friday, July 1, 2011


I am sitting back in the oncology unit t as I post this blog, hooked up to bags of poisonous drugs which not only kill the cancer but every other cell it comes into contact with. That’s the way it works, but believe it or not I am happy just to be back in the ring fighting the killer disease which has turned my life upside down. I had a great meeting with my Oncology Doctor who I call Dr K. I explained in no uncertain terms that I am not willing to sit back and be diagnosed as “stable” after each scan I have. I want to do everything in my power to beat this and if he was not willing help I would have to look elsewhere. He sat back in his seat and I could tell he does not get this type of reaction very often. I am sure most people just take his word for it and prepare themselves to die. Not Me!!! So straight into action goes DrK, we decide to put me back onto Chemo the next day and up the dosage. We also organized to have a PET scan (this is the ultimate scan which shows every last cancerous cell in my liver), which I have to travel down to Brisbane for at the end of July as they do not have a machine in Darwin. Once we have the results of this we will discuss next steps, and it looks like we have a few options, which I will not go into as yet until we are better equipped to make a decision. So now I am back in the ring and ready to go for another Knockout. This time it may take more than one round to beat this hefty opponent, as the big C has a pretty big strangle hold on my liver, but I know if I can keep on top of it I will eventually take it down. The bell rings and into the ring I step yet again,


  1. Go for it Davo. We are with you all the way!M.I.L. and Wayno

  2. Hi David,
    Just started reading your blog. My mom has pancreatic cancer and we are trying to fight and stay positive. Reading your words is inspirational. Good luck and way to be strong and stand up for yourself!