Friday, August 26, 2011

Nervous about CT scan results coming up

I had my CT scan this week and waiting to go back to see Dr K on Monday. I really haven’t been feeling so great over this past chemo cycle. Physically I have been drained and haven’t felt this bad for about six months ago when I was on the full blown chemo. I have had a big couple of weeks at work which I know hasn’t helped, which my Beautiful Wife Meghan has reminded me of. She understands I need to work too keep my mind active but yes I need to get the right balance. Mentally the CT results have been playing on my mind. What if the PET scan is wrong and I haven’t seen any reduction in the tumors which would account for the higher CEA blood counts??? Or it could be the scan will prove the PET scans correct which would be fantastic. The only reason I have doubts is the high CEA result and the way I have been feeling and just yesterday I found a lump in my armpit. I will raise this with Dr K and hopefully it is nothing, but when you are not 100% these things weigh on your mind. All will be revealed in 2 days at the appointment.
Wish me luck and will update again after my Doctors appointment.

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  1. Keep the positive attitude going. You have a lot of family and friend support behind you. love M and W