Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's been 18 months since first diagnosed with terminal cancer. Yes I remember the day very well. Of course the first question back then was how long? Six to eighteen months was the best they could give me. So I have made it to the top end of the average. The first twelve months gave me plenty of hope with fantastic results with the destruction of my bowel tumor. I thought this is going to be a walk in the park and will kick this cancer crap and live until I'm 85 or so. Is that the case now?? At some stage you have to be realistic. I was always told the liver was going to be my demise, and this is panning out to be true. Overall the tumors on my liver have improved since day one but not enough to make any difference to the end result. Meghan and I have been organizing for the future and we both realize it will more than likely not involve me. Just being realistic, because we cannot just put our head in the sand and not take note of what the doctors tell us. Part of the organizing was some paper work which I needed from two oncology specialist, one being my full-time doctor and the other who has been following my case from Adelaide. Both signed off to say I had less than twelve months to live. OK I know I can do better than this but the point being in reality I am more than likely not going to beat this dreaded disease. This doesn't mean I will not stay positive and will do everything possible to beat it, but reflecting back on my mindset 18 months ago this is a big shift in mindset. I will keep my positive attitude right through to the end and hopefully this will be many years down the track. Scans and cancer cell counts coming up soon so will have more idea of where I am heading from this, meanwhile the Chemo roller coaster continues.


  1. I commented on your last post about alternative treatment. Actually more raw food wating, meditation, essiac Tea, Herb Robert. I see you didn't answer. Radiation and Chemo weaken you that much that it is hard to fight. Exercise, good food and herbs will help. I'm just an ordinary woman who likes to learn new things. No pecuniary interests in this. leave me an answer on my blog if you want to know more.

    1. Lydia, please back off and do not provide comment again. Your opinions are not welcome, thank you, Meghan.

  2. David, I applaud the amazing equanimity and courage you have shown. While battling cancer, you also have the amazing foresight to positively engage your family in planning for the future.

  3. Lydia, it is simply not right to suggest unproven treatment modalities and unfairly criticizing the treatment that David is currently undergoing. You may claim no pecuniary interest, but please know that it is already difficult for cancer patients to fight the disease, spare some thoughts for their family and time.

  4. To everyone who reads my blog. This blog was not designed to find a miracle cure. Obviously when you are diagnosed with terminal cancer you research every avenue, and it is a personal choice along with my family as to how I treat myself. I do respect everyone's own opinions and I am sure they work for some. Most of you who do comment on my blog know I do not regularly reply and this is the how I will continue unless someone in a similar position would like some advice. I enjoy receiving comments so please continue.

  5. Dear David, I wouldn't know what realistic is, as life is such a surreal experience anyways.

    I know you've put up an incredible battle whilst at the same time making the most of every single minute. A great inspirations.

    thumbs up and we are with you and your amazing family,


  6. Our thoughts are with you and your family , David stay strong and keep up the fight
    Dennis / Elissa [Charlie] Chefs from Ayers

  7. We love you and appreciate every word you write to keep us informed of your progress, no matter how much they are hard to write and hard to read, at times. We are always here for you three, no matter the reason, no matter the treatment choice and will support you for many years to come.

  8. David, you are one of the most amazing and inspirational people. I wish I could see you, meg and sam more often. I am always thinking about all three of you. All my love always,
    Lucy xoxo

  9. Words just don't seem enough - Thinking of you all. Doug & Teena

  10. Keep up your amazing strength and fight, you and Meghan are incredible inspirations to all who read this xx Hoping to b there in June xx
    Vicki Q