Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Glimmer of Hope from recent tests, BUT!!!!

This week has been a busy week with CT scans, blood tests and a visit to my normal GP. This is all in readiness for next week’s appointment with Dr. K. I have had a temperature for the past week or so and under normal circumstances this would not be a problem, but in my case it could actually be fatal if I do not do something about it. So off to my normal GP for some antibiotics for an infection in my left lung which by coincidently is where the latest tumors have popped up. I also have a lump in my groin which I had the Doctor check. Not good news as she thinks it is my Lymph nodes which could be cancerous. I had a CT scan in the morning so hopefully this will give us more information and pick up what is the problem. Later in the afternoon Dr K rang me as he had the results from my CT scans. My heart dropped to my toes as he normally does not call me and we wait until our next meeting. I said, "So give me the bad news"? Dr K replied with the opposite and just rang to say he had had a brief look at my scans and has seen a reduction in the size of the tumors compared to the last scan. Also my Tumor markers have come down slightly, still over 5,000 but at least this with a reduction in the size of the tumors is great news. I told him about the lump in my groin and what my GP said and he looked at the scans again but they did not cover that particular area. He seemed to think it would not be cancerous given the good results we have just got back and will give me a full check over next Monday when we meet. This has relaxed me to a degree but still in the back of my mind it might be bad news, if it is I don't know what I will do. Once it’s in my Lymph nodes it is like the main highway through my body and can spread very fast, so everyone cross your fingers and hopefully I am stressing over nothing!!!!! As I write this I am sitting in the big blue chair in the Chemo Suite having cycle 4. How quickly time goes, it just seemed like yesterday I started back on chemo again. The nurses are very impressed that the side effects after 4 cycles are minimal at this stage. This means I can continue on this protocol which is great, because once I cannot handle this protocol I only have about two types left to try. I have even put on a kilo in weight and am now 65 kilos, still a long way to go. So in normal fashion I seem to get some good news but get a kick in the guts with some bad news. As long as the good news keeps outweighing the bad I will be happy. I most probably won't post another blog now before Christmas, so I wish everyone and Merry Xmas and a great New Year, I know I will enjoy every minute of mine with my fantastic family and am just over the moon that I will be here. So please remember don't take these special times for granted as you never know if it will be your last. This may seem dramatic, but as you all know by now I have an entirely different outlook on life now. Enjoy this special time over the next few weeks and I will post again in the New Year.

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