Saturday, October 30, 2010

How quickly time goes by

I have now completed 3 treatments of Chemo now and due for number 4 next week. It is not getting any easier but this is to be expected. I had a recent scare, when one of my blood tests showed I may have had Hep B in the past and as my immune system lowers due to the Chemo it could come back and have serious results. After 3 more blood tests it seems the first result was incoorect and I am all clear. Thank god, this would be the last thing I need. The positive out of this stressful period is the doctors tell me my cancer blood cell count has reduced. Fantastic news as this is the first time it has reduced since starting the treatment. I am due for a full scan on the 15th of Nov, and am positive we should see encouraging results. Hopefully I might be able to have surgery on the cancer in my bowel either before Xmas or early next year. Really would like to get this dealt with so we can concertrate on my liver and hopefully control it. I will never get rid of it but am sure we will be able to control well enough so I will be sitting back when I am over 70 enjoying life.
To anyone who has disappointments in thier life and are having trouble coping with it, please put your positive hat on and think to yourself how bad is it really. Change your attitude turn your thoughts to be positive and it is amazing how well you will cope and move forward. I do this daily. I firstly acknowledge my negative thoughts, accept it and then work on turning it around. And you know what it is not so hard. i have a wonder wife who is also my best friend who supports me 24/7 and I can tell her my every thought. Without her and my little 2 1/2 year old boy Sam by my side each day I not sure if I could stay as poitive as I am. I also have a group of family & friends who contact me regularly. I am sure they do not realise exactly how much this means to me but without this support life would be much more difficult.


  1. What a surprise to find you here David. it's fantastic to read your thoughts and see how positive you are. It make sme feel closer to you and Meghan and Sam. Sending positive vibes your way. xxx

  2. Keep up your positive thoughts David. Mum & I have had a lovely week with you, Meghan and Sam. Your life is a very busy one and you have great support in Meghan. Love you from big Sister. XOXO

  3. Hi. David.
    We just wanted to tell you we are thinking of you constantly. Keep up your good thoughts and attitude. We know you are a fighter.
    Love to you, Meghan and Sam.
    Auntie Pat and Uncle Graham.