Saturday, November 13, 2010

The truth will be in the Scan

The time is getting closer. Monday will be my first scan since starting Chemo almost 8 weeks ago. This will be the big test to see if the treatment is doing any good. Apprehensive??? anxious would be the word. The results will be with the Doctor for my appointment on Wednesday. We will be discussing the results and this will determine what treatment I have going forward. I am very confident that the treatment is working, but how quickly is the big question. This treatment to date has been targeted at bringing the liver cancer under control and also helping reduce the tumour in my bowel as an added bonus. This is the sucker we can get rid of. Radiation treatment in conjunction with the Chemo could be the way to go if the Doctors feel I can handle it. It would be as much as they would allow anyone to have at one time, but I am willing to take thechallenge if it means speeding up the process. I could be getting way ahead of myself here and my tratment may not need to change, so I will wait albeit impatiently till next Wednesday. Bring it on!!!!!

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