Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maybe a change of Tact soon!!

As per my last bog, I was waiting for the scan results from my last scan. Met with the doctor after having my 6th Chemo treatment, but the radilogist hasn't come through with the full results still. Annoying? Yes. I am OK with it as I know within myself I am improving. The Doctor was a specailist from Adelaide who has been studying my case, so was good to get a second opinion. He was happy with the current progress what he could take from the current scan as he has seen my previous scans before. So all good on the liver side, just keep up the Chemo. He spoke in detail about starting radiation on the bowel tuma. Most probally not to the new year which is up to a 13 week process before surgery, so will be awhile. 5 weeks of ratiation and 6 to 8 weeks of recovery and then surgery all this time continuing Chemo. How will I handle it??? Definately with a positive approach but expect some heavy duty side effects over this time. but will be worth it to remove one problem child from my body and concerntrate on the big brother, the liver. Feeling good within myself and getting on with day today life and appreciate all the support from family and friends I have been fortunate to recieve. Without this support I am sure I would not be in this frame of mind. Thank you to everyone, it is hard to explain whata difference it makes.

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  1. Hi. David. Following your progress with interest.
    Remember, slow progress is good progress. Keep your positive spirit going. You're always in our thoughts.
    Love to you and the family.
    Pat and Graham