Sunday, December 26, 2010

Results finally through

Well, finally got my full results through and all looks good.
Overall a 15% decrease in cancer cells in my liver, this puts me in the "stable" zone. You need to reduce by 30% to be in the effective zone. I am happy with this as after the first 3 treatments we seen an increase which the doc reassures us is normal, so the last 3 have done there job. Since my last blog I have been up and down. Chemo really starting to take effect. I am continually tired and struggle through each day and try to be as normal as I can. It’s like getting up each morning and running a marathon every day. You just push through and break through the barriers and get to the finish line (end of the day). Yes everyone tells me to slow down but this is my life and what keeps me motivated to keep going. The past few weeks has made me realize I now need to slow down. I caught bug most probably from my little boy Sam (2.5 years old). Normally I would just power through something as simple as a flu etc, but it actually put me in Hospital with temps over 40 degrees. I realized then how my life is changing and need to look after myself. Positivity is one thing; stupidity of not looking after myself is another.
Xmas has been great with Sammy now understanding what it all means. It made me so happy to see his beautiful blue eyes open so wide on Xmas morning. I intend to be around for many more moments like yesterday.
My Fantastic wife continues to look after me and shares in my emotional rollercoaster and is such a great support for me and is the unsung hero of my journey to date. 
Looking forward to a big year and hopefully surgery to remove my bowel cancer and get the liver under control. This time next year I hope to be at a stage where we have beaten this horrible
disease. To All who read my blog I thank you for your ongoing support and remember to enjoy every day as it happens as when you live day to day you appreciate how great it is to be able to enjoy what you have.

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