Friday, January 7, 2011

4 1/2 months into Chemo and its taking effect

This Wednesday will be treatment 9 and I am really feeling the effects of chemo as it builds up in my body. Hair at this stage is holding on, but I am due for a haircut which will show the thinness of my scalp, so maybe soon the shaver comes out. I have my next scans coming up on the 29th of January so looking forward to some positive results which will give me the strength to continue on. I have had a bug since before Xmas which put me in hospital 2 days before Xmas. Since then my temp has been like a pogo stick if everybody remembers what that is! Ranging from 36 to 40.5. As my immune system is so low this creates difficulties trying to bet the bug. Yes something as a simple flu has put me in emergency. This is my life now and need to accept it, which I will admit is taking a lot to do as I have been so healthy until 4 months ago. The pain of the cancer is non-existent due to the drugs I take but it’s the side effects which cause the pain and frustration. I will not go into all of them but the biggest is the lack of energy and as I have mentioned in previous posts each day is a battle in its self just to get through. Work keeps my mind stimulated but need to listen to my body as well and take time out when needed.
I have contacted a very good Doctor down in Melbourne to be involved and give me a 3rd opinion, so I have doctors in Adelaide, Darwin and now Melbourne looking at my case. I have a lot of faith in their actions so we continue on. The Doctor in Melbourne is a leader in SITR research in Australia which is why I have chosen him for my case. What is SITR? please read the link and you will have a good idea of the treatment.   It is new into Australia but has had great results. Still looking to get the tumor in my bowel removed in the 1st half of this year by the Doctors in Melbourne and should have more idea after these next scans. Again thanks to all who are supporting me through this and I can not thank my Darling Wife Meghan enough who now wears alot of the day to day burden which normally would be shared in our relationship.

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