Friday, January 28, 2011

Scan results next week!!!!!

As per my last blog I have just had treatment number 10 and dealing with the side effects best I can, but is not easy. I had a CT scan yesterday and really looking forward to the results on Wednesday. Any improvement is a positive. Some sad news, I guy who has been having Chemo the same day as me with very similar cancer, has been in Hospital for 3 weeks now and is not doing very well. I have come to terms that I will see some very nice people struggle with the cancer or not be able to win their battle as I continue down this long road to recovery and this is the saddest part of the whole journey.  It does make me stronger to keep the treatments going and keep improving, but in reality I have to be prepared I may have times where I could have complications, but will deal with this when and if they arise. My next blog will be after my Doctors appointment so please keep your fingers crossed and slip a couple of prayers in there and hopefully all will be good.
Thank you once again to everyone who is supporting me and I cannot begin to tell you how much the phone calls and emails mean to me.


  1. Hi David I hv been reading your blog and must say you have a positive attitude and spirit. Keep it up. Will keep you in my prayer.
    Brgds, KH


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