Friday, February 4, 2011

Scan results back and looking good!!!!!!!

So had my Doctors appointment on Wednesday and the scan results were very good again with the two main lesions in my liver reducing by approx 7mm. It may not sound much but in my world it is a good effort.  The Doctors told me I might only have 2 more treatments on the current dosage levels of Chemo and then go onto a maintenance style Chemo. This sounds much better as it is just taking tablets each day instead of having a drip attached for 2 and  a half days.  I am getting to a stage after 10 treatments were the side effect are really kicking in and lasting longer and I was starting to get concerned if I was going to be able to keep up my current work pace for much longer. I love my work and this keeps me going along with my family and friends. The break from full blown treatment will be great. I am about to send all results to a very good Oncology Doctor in Melbourne who will now give a second opinion and he will also be make the decision on what to do with my bowel tumor. Hopefully I will know within a month whether I need radiation treatment or they can operate soon. I expect it will be radiation as the tumor in my bowel has not reduced in size but has not grown either. We expected this as the Chemo was focused on the liver, so all good. Thanks to everyone for all the support again and I appreciate it immensely.

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  1. Hi Dave
    You go hard Mate, when alls good, You, Me and Dougal have a Golf rematch in my Lounge!!
    Keep strong