Thursday, February 17, 2011

No-one really knows

the pain associated with Chemo treatments. As per my last post the side effects are really kicking in, and I now know how other cancer suffers feel. I am the lucky one as it hasn't really hit me until now. I am not going to describe how it feels as to be honest I cannot. It is a whole different feeling and is just with you 24/7. I think besides the physical side effects such as mouth ulcers, skin irritations, numbness in my feet and hands etc., it is the constant tiredness which gets to you. Just getting through the day is a chore, and no one wants to spend their life just trying to get through the day without enjoying it.
I realise this may seems a bit left field for me as I am always positive. This has not changed and I am still really happy with my progress. The Specialist in Melbourne has got back to me and is very happy with my results to date, which is great to hear. As far as the removal of my bowel tumour, he recommends to just leave it for now and most probably the rest of the year unless it starts to create any problems. I am OK with this as now I can plan a nice holiday with my Family who deserve it more than I do.
One more full treatment next Wednesday then a Doctor’s appointment to discuss the Maintenance program I will be going on. I will update once I have had the Doctor’s appointment.
Thank you All again for the support I am receiving.

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  1. Listen here my positive brother-in-law, no-one and I mean no-one deserves a holiday more than ALL of you guys!!! Working and going through Chemo is an absolutely incredible achievement, there are not many that I know, unfortunately quite a few, that are able to keep working with the "rollercoaster" of chemo as well! You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers! Just take one day at a time xxx ..... and plan a GREAT holiday! Helen :)