Friday, March 4, 2011

Next steps after 6 months of my Rollercoaster ride

Had my Doctor’s appointment yesterday to determine my next steps as far as treatment goes. The current treatment has shown great results so in a way a will be disappointed to change but on the flip side the side effects and rollercoaster ride I will not miss.
The doctor has put me on a tablet form of Chemo now. This will involve about taking about 8 tablets a day on top of the 14 I currently take. Yes I will rattle as I walk!!! I will need to go into the Clinic every 3 weeks to have 1 drug still administered intravenously and then 2 weeks of tablets and one week off. I am hoping this will reduce my current side effects and stop the rollercoaster I am currently experiencing as it will be daily treatment. Obviously the new drugs still have side effects as well but will deal with these as they arise. The only negative to the appointment was the Doctor thinks at some stage my cancer cell count will increase as the cells become resistant to the drugs. We have other options once this happens, so not all that bad. Would be great to get to a remission stage before this happens, but I might be aiming too high, but that will be my target. Let’s hope the new drugs are as effective as the old ones.

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