Monday, January 24, 2011

Back on the Rollercoaster

I have just had the best period between treatments last fortnight than I have had for months.
It is Tuesday afternoon and I am currently sitting in the big blue chair at the oncology unit having treatment number 10. As I sit here for approx 3 1/2 hours and they feed the Chemo drugs into my body I can feel myself leaving the top of the hill on the rollercoaster and starting the descend to the bottom. I hope the bottom is not as far down as I have previously had and I can at least feel half normal this time round. It is strange to sit here and know how strong these drugs are going into my body. All the nurses wear protective gowns, face masks and gloves. Makes you feel a bit like a lepour! Some bad news. A friend of mine, who has treatment on the same day who has liver cancer as well, was not here last treatment and not here again  today. I asked the nurse and he is in hospital, and would not give more information than he may not be back. Hits home when you here this happening, but I need to get used to this as I work through my treatments and eventually beat this Cancer. There will be people who will not make it. It’s just a pity to see such good people be struck down in the prime of their life.
It really makes me appreciate every day a wake up and see the sunrise and the voice of my little boy Sammy as he shuffles in to our bed for his morning cuddle. I hope everyone who reads this will wake up tomorrow and feel the same as I do each morning.

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