Saturday, January 8, 2011

Turning a negative into a positive

I realize I only posted a blog yesterday but since then I had an interesting afternoon.
My temperature spiked up in the afternoon so as per the Doctors instruction any time I am over 38 degrees I need to admit myself into emergency. That in its self is an eye opener in the Darwin Hospital, which I will not go into now. I was in emergency for 4 ½ hours yesterday and every test you could have I had. In the end my temp came down and I was released with antibiotics to help my very low immune system to beat the bug I have. So the positive out of this bad afternoon. They contacted my Oncology Doctor to consult, and he had just received my latest Tumor Marker results. There are 2 separate markers which are based on overall cancer cell counts in the blood. The CEA result came in at +161 which were at 5510 back in October. The normal figure is -5. So huge drop in 2 months and 166 away from a normal count. The next is the CA result, which came in at 91 from 360 back in October. The normal figure for this test is 0-35 so another 60 points to go. I realize this will take a lot longer to get these last points down but how good to be so close so quickly. I put the great results down to everything we are doing from the dreaded chemo, to a couple of natural cures I have been taking,  to all the positive energy I receive from all my friends and everyone out there praying for my recovery. Obviously it is working. Thanks you again to all whom fall into the above.

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  1. Hi David, i have just found your blog and want to say you are truly amazing!! I am also going through treatment for bowel cancer, i have done six weeks of radio and chemotheraphy and have had a bowel op in October 2010. Then started chemotherapy again in November 2010, all your symptoms and feelings i can totally relate to! What natural remedies are you taking? I havent finished reading the rest of your blog as yet but want to wish you all the very best for your journey and i believe being positive is one of the key things to helping you get thru this awful time of your life!
    Like you i have a young family, i am only 30 myself and have two young children, aged 4 & 2. My husband is a fantastic father and husband i couldnt ask for anything better than to have him help me through this as it sounds your wife is a wonderful lady too!
    I will keep an interest in your blog, all the very best for a speedy recovery for you Kind regards Stacey Western Australia