Friday, January 21, 2011

Mind over body

Another fortnight nearly over in my rollercoaster ride of Chemo. This has been a much better fortnight than the last, as per my last blog. I seem to have shaken of the bug I had. Treatment number 10 next week which means I have been on treatment for 5 months. As my blogs reflect it is not getting any easier in fact harder each time, but all good as I am seeing results. Really looking forward to having scans at the end of next week which will give us a better indication of how I am progressing. To a lot of people what I am about to write, you might say "no big deal, I could do that", but for the people who read my blog and have cancer I hope you get inspiration from this.
On Wednesday I took my Executive Team on an afternoon Team Building exercise. Indoor Rock Climbing!!! What an excellent afternoon and everyone took away something from the afternoon. For me. I attempted to scale the 20 metre wall but could only manage about 6 meters when a ledge stopped me in my tracks and I just run out of energy. I came back down and let one of my Team have a go. He went up like a proverbial rat up a drain pipe. I took a big breath and focussed on getting back in the harness and setting my sights on the top. So I strapped myself in and started the long haul up the wall with these little pebbles to support me. I reached the spot which beat the on the 1st attempt and just set my eyes on the top and got over the ledge. From here you would think it would be plain sailing as it was just a straight 180 degrees (yes straight up and down). As I took each step to the next little pebble jutting out from the wall my body was losing any strength I had, but I shut out all negative thoughts and just zoned into reaching my ultimate goal,  the top. After 10 minutes of shear pain I made it. Yes a 48 year old stage 4 cancer patient climbed a vertical 20 metre wall clinging on by just fingers and toes. Was I proud of my achievement? What do you think? I reflect back and realise, this zone I was in to reach the top I am already in and have been in for the past 5 months. When your body says give up let your mind take control and you can achieve anything you want to. Maybe not first time but don’t give up. Photo inserted to just show you the wall which I conquered.

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