Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tumor markers have stabilized

I have just had my latest results come through from my 3 weekly blood tests and my tumor markers have not increased from my last test, still sitting at 60. This is good but still a concern. Dr K thinks it could be another tumor growing but not big enough to show up on the CT scan as yet, or its just the tumors in my liver being overactive, let’s hope for the latter. The chemo has hit me fairly hard this past cycle and I am just about to go back in tomorrow for another round. I suppose after 12 months of continuously being feed lethal noxious drugs which would kill an elephant you have to expect not to be doing cartwheels around the house. I will continue with the 24 tablets a day and hopefully find a cure to this dreadful disease before the chemo takes me. I have been researching and contacting various clinics to see if I could be suitable for a liver transplant and after exhausting all avenues the answer is no. main issue I have now been on chemo for so long the doctors tell me I am too higher risk due to my low immune system to operate and my body actually accepting the transplant. So my focus has now turned to how we can go about killing the tumors in my liver before they take over. I am going to pull out the wild card and contact the specialist in Melbourne and discuss options after my next CT scan in November, and there are some options of which some are still in trail stages but never the less seem to have good results so far.
Well fingers crossed I continue to see good results and hopefully in November have a plan in place to wipe out the enemy.
Sometimes I surprise myself with my positivity!!!!!!! This is one of my good days. I don’t blog on the bad ones. Bye for now.

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