Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is this the beginning of the end

Sounds a bit dramatic but I cannot get this thought out of my head. Last visit to see Dr K was not so good. The tumor markers which stabilized, have risen from 60 to 83. I was given the same reasoning as previous, a new tumor or overactive current tumors. Either way it tells me the cancer is getting the better of the chemo. It was always going to be a race to see who would win, and it looks like the devil is winning. This just gives me more reason to stick to my plan after my next CT scan now booked for the 16th of November. I will definitely be contacting the Specialist in Melbourne as per my last blog.  Ready to hit it hard before the cancer takes control. Other blood counts are not so good either, Hemoglobin and platelets are well down on recommended levels but the good news is my white blood cells are just within the normal range which is helping fight off any other diseases try to get in on the act. Just about to go on a 9 day holiday with my two best friends, my wife Meghan and little boy Sam. Off to Bali, and yes will need to be very careful of what I do and eat, but can't live in a cocoon. So I think the rest will do me the world of good and come back ready to keep the fight going.
Cancer but positive? the positive at this stage is I will keep fighting to the very end.


  1. It's not the beginning of the end, I disagree.

  2. Sorry, that previous comment was from Meghan not David.

  3. you are an amazing family. sending you all the psitivity we can muster. penny & chef

  4. Remember we will always be here for you, megs and sammy. m&w

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