Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SIRT test dates set

I had my appointment with Dr K on Monday and he was organized with my test dates for the SIRT treatment. No wasting time, it will be next week. Wednesday a PET scan and Thursday the Angiogram to ensure the beads don't leak into other organs of my body which would be serious, I mean very serious so there is an element of risk with this treatment. If I pass the tests they will book me approximately in 2 weeks time for the treatment. I am nervous about the tests and hope all goes well otherwise all my research and work on his will be in vein. For those you do not know much on the SIRT treatment here is a link to a good website to explain the process. I had my 8th treatment this week on my current protocol and it was the worst I have felt this time around. I would normally go back to work after the treatment and struggle through but not this time. I went straight home and crashed on the bed. Maybe the amount of chemo is catching up with me? The Doc keeps telling me it will be a matter of time. So maybe as per my last blog I will need to take a day off each fortnight to recover, we will see how I go. But a big month coming up if all goes ahead as the week between SIRT treatment I have another round og Chemo and the one the well after so will work out to 5 weeks in a row of treatment. Not sure my body can handle so much poison into my body continuously, but am sure the Doctors will know best and will rely on thier opinions. Please wish me luck for next week as I have ally riding on this. It is by no means going to be a cure but could aid to prolong my life expectancey. Fingers and toes crossed.


  1. Hi mate,

    you are never far in our thoughts. Keep strong, If anyone can beat this you can!
    You are the reason I'm riding


  2. Hello David, Good Luck. "If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time.". Thinking of you and yours, Teena & Doug

  3. Best wishes for the treatment produces more satisfactory results for your life. Many faith