Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's ON, time to blast this cancer

I have just got back from my tests with the specialist down south. All went well and the Doctors have given the green light to perform the SIRT treatment. This is excellent news, as I have been planning this for quite awhile now and was always going to be last resort, and now that is really what it is. If I don't have the treatment now I may not be eligible further down the road. Lucky I did when I did as they had to block off approximately 8 blood vessels which were leaking out of my liver. So game on now. I feel like it is a bit like a war game, where we have gone in and done the recognizance and now have a plan in place to go in and catch this cancer by surprise and blow these tumors out of my body. Believe me it has not been an easy week. I left not feeling 100 percent and had a really bad case of mouth ulcers, which is one of the side effect of Chemo. They were so bad I got to the stage I could not eat or talk. I had the PET scan on Wednesday and all went week. I went back in on Thursday morning for the big test. The nurses took a heap of my blood as usual to check my levels. The doctor came to see me quite concerned in my current condition and said he could not perform the test in my state. They admitted me and hooked me up to a drip straight away. For a change it was good drugs being pumped into me to bring my levels to an acceptable level, so we had 24 hours to get me right. The Doctors were confident this was achievable and had organize for the test to be postponed until the Friday morning. To give an indication of my condition, I lost 9 kilos in 5 days. Friday morning came around and another blood test and the drugs had worked so into the nuclear medicine department. All up there where 4 doctors and 3 nurses. I was awake for the 2 1/2 hour procedure. They entered through my groin and put a catheter up into my liver and with the aid of the imaging unit were able to block off any leaking blood vessels. Obviously this is what the test was for. If I had anymore leaking vessels they may have not continued. It was a very uncomfortable procedure but came through OK. I was able to leave the hospital about 5.30 that afternoon. So no date set as yet but should know in the next few days but will be in the next 2 weeks. I will let you all know once organized. Wish me luck and thank you all for your support so far.

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  1. Hi, David. We have been following your blogs and we wanted to wish all the luck in the world for your coming treatment. You are a fighter and a real "Brill" we are proud of you. Our thoughts will be with you always.
    Love and wishes to all.
    Pat and Graham.