Friday, June 1, 2012

Countdown to the big one

Final angiogram went well and now have $8500 Worth of platinum in my liver in the form of minute springs to block blood flow leakage out of my liver. Docs tell me I have two blood vessels which they could not close off which will cause me some pain after the treatment. thanks Guys!!! But cannot be helped. Short term pain for long term again. I hope. Everything I have researched on this treatment re- enforces the risks involved with this. But I have had plenty of time to think about it and am comfortable I am doing the right thing. For those who have been reading my blogs for awhile now would know I am not prepared to just sit back and be another satistic in the Cancer world. The Docs seem to think it will add another 1 to 2 years to my life expectancy so definitely worth the risk. The trouble is I do not have any idea on how long I have at present. The idea is to stay alive as long as possible and hope like hell they find a cure to this terrible disease. Meaghan again will be my Rock over the treatment as she will be by my side for the entire time. Sammy will be having some one on one time with his Nan Nan, so thank you Monica, it means so much to us to have your support. I most probally won't have a chance to talk to many of you before the treatment, so I am counting on all your energy and hope to be directed at me on Thursday so all will go well. To say I am a bit apprehensive would be a understatement, but continue to keep positive and I am sure even though my body will be in overload my mind will take over and keep me strong. So the next time you will hear from me I expect I will be through the treatment and have some positive news for you. Again wish me luck and speak soon.


  1. For those who are wondering, no David doesn't have a new wife........just new spelling for my name apparently. LOL. Big week ahead but I know David will get through. Meghan

  2. Sending all energy your way Chook, hang in there