Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Big Risk has been taken and I have walked out the other side Alive

Well here I am "ALIVE". I did have my doubts at stages after the treatment, I kept thinking no one can be in this much pain and survive, yes I know but I cannot begin to compare to anything expect having some drive a serrated knife into your stomac and twist it. Not that I have but heel it must be close to the feel.once they sort the pain killers out by day 3 I was much happier. Going into the theatre it was good to see Dr Mattreghan again as I was really comfortable with him aver the last treatment which he preformed. He even had a bit of a joke with me which I responded with all ok for him he was standing up and I was the one on the table with no clothes on and surgical antiseptic swaps all over me. Dr Choo was the Dr implanting the sir spheres and was very happy with his research of all the other angiograms and exactly what needed to be done. So confidence level prior to going under was up high. After about two hours they had me out and coherent again which I obvious was fairly happy about. Not long back on wards and they had me back in for scans to ensure all the implanted soldiers went in to the correct battle zones for ultimate impact. The two nights I spent in the hospital were terrible the fact I was still finding my pain levels and nausea meant I was only getting about two hours sleep so the rest of the time was spent throwing up and in pain. Nice. Today is one week from the day of the treatment and I must admit I am 100% better than last week at the same time, that is a good sign, the only concern I currently have is the amount of morphine I need to take to get through. I am now recording how many and times and stretch out as long as possible and as the pain subsides so will the need for drugs. I have my next Docs appointment on Monday so will know more but in reality will not have quantifiable results for 3 months. In the mean time some reduction in tumor marker would be great. Thank you to all who sent messages and phone calls over the last week it has meant a lot to both Meghan, Sam and myself. I will post in a few weeks when I have some results and hopefully feeling better. thank you All once more


  1. Mate, You are something special....Keep at it you will win !

  2. Laurie and Tony SharpJune 21, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    Hi David,
    Mike sent us this link and Tony and I have been reading your blogs. We want you go know that we are keeping you in our thoughts and we are hoping for succcess with this last treatment. What a battle you have been through. Please be strong and know that we are sending you our best most positive thoughts and encouragement from a long way across the globe. You can do this David. Looking forward to some positive news from you. Laurie and Tony Sharp

  3. HOT PIES!! Hang in there mate, you're doing an amazing job!! You're a great role model to Sam, and to be honest a great role model full stop. Keep this incredible optimism up and nothing will stand in your way, period.

    Take care mate,
    freaky (aka Andrew Freak)

  4. Thanks for the update Chookis, will have fingers and toes crossed for you. Wishing you and your family a fantastic Christmas, hope you get a couple of beers in
    Take Care xx
    Vicki Quinn