Friday, July 13, 2012

A month later and some concerns

It's now been just over a month since my SIRT treatment. The good news is my last blood test showed a drop in my cancer cell counts by about 200 points which is great but the levels are still high over 500. As I have not started my normal chemo it can only be attibuted to treatment. I have scans arranged for the end of July where they will compare before and after, so hopefully we will see some good results, fingers crossed. I am still in quite a lot of pain mainly in my stomach, and it does not seem to be subsiding. I am continually pushing pain killers down my throat it give me some relief, but to be honest I am getting very frustrated as I am not improving. I had scans this week and am booked in with a specialist for day surgery to go in and check for any ulcers in my stomach which can be a side effect of the treatment. Once we get this sorted I will be starting back on my regular fortnightly chemo treatment. It just never ends, but I have to accept this as my life now, and as long as I feel it is helping to extend my life expectancy I will continue to do whatever it takes. I have lost a lot of weight about 8 kilos as I just have no appetite and can not hold down any substantial size meal. Just need to get to the bottom of this constant pain issue and I should be back on track and be able to focus on keeping my cancer cell counts down and start enjoying my life again. I feel for Meghan and Sam as they are the ones putting up with my mood swings and I admit I am not easy to live with at the moment, so thanks guys and I promise I will be back to normal soon. Well maybe not normal as I am far from a normal person these days. I will update once I have results near the end of the month. Thank you for all your support and well wishes it means a lot to me.


  1. David you're amazing. Keep fighting. Sending you and Meghan and Sam love and strength.

  2. Finger cross you will get a respite from the pain soon. lots of love, Alicia