Friday, August 10, 2012

Currently in Limbo

It's been awhile since my last blog, and mainly because I am in limbo at present. I went into hospital for day surgery and they found ulcers in my stomach caused through the SIRT treatment. There is no quick way to get rid of these so now on medication to reduce the pain and wait for the ulcers to heal. Dr K will not let me start back on chemo until they are all cleared up. I have had CT scans and they will compare the results from these scans against the last scans I had prior to the treatment. Hopefully we will see some reduction in the tumor sizes. I should have the results in the next week. So wish me good luck. It will be disappointing to go through so much pain and not see some improvement. I have not been so well within myself lately. Considering I have been off chemo since April now, I thought I would be starting to feel normal again, but not the case. I get to about 2pm each day and I just hit a brick wall. I just don't have the energy I used to have. Also my concentration levels have reduced dramatically which frustrates me no end. Given I had very radical treatment 2 months ago may be it is understandable. I think I just expect to much from myself, and need to start slowing down with my workload. Once I go back onto regular chemo treatment I have a feeling the fatigue will only get worse, so yes I am now starting to think about how I am going to handle my job or even if I can continue. Meghan is very supportive of me whatever decision I make, but for those who know me, it would be a huge step for me to stop working. I need to ensure the company is not suffering through me not being able to cope day to day, so the decision needs to be made while I am still on top of my game. Big call but not going to rush into it. So looking forward to getting my results although a little nervous and getting rid of these ulcers. Overall life is great and love living in Darwin, and made better by the weather at the moment as it is dry season and 30 degrees everyday. I will update everyone on my results as soon as I have them. Bye for now.


  1. Hi mate
    Fingers crossed for next week on the results. Look forward to your next posting with positive outcomes!


  2. Hope results come well... if you are going 'homey' I smile at the thought of so many 'stay-at-home' who would challenge the idea of 'not-working'

    Glad the weather has improved... hope the ulcers heal quickly!

    Sending you tons of love and positive energy,

    Alicia and Ian

  3. Hi David. I hope you get some good results. And the ulcers clear up quickly. Am thinking positive thoughts for you. Keep smiling chook. Sam