Friday, August 24, 2012

Scan results are back ??????

I met with Dr K and he had my scan results back and also latest blood test results. My cancer cell count has come down again to approx 350, which is about half of the levels prior to the treatment. Dr K said it must as a result of the treatment as I am still off Chemo. Originally the specialist said best result would see a reduction by half so all going according to plan. The size of the tumors are still about the same but has been put down to the scan showing the dead cells as well, so will take that as a positive. But as usual two steps forward and one back. The scan also shows two active nodules in my right lung. These were identified on a previous scan but at that time they were too small to know what they were. Dr K is 90% sure it is cancerous so not good news. Nothing we can do at the moment and hopefully when I start Chemo again it may keep it under control or even kill it off if I am lucky. So not good news. I am still having trouble with the ulcers and am going back in for another scope to see what is going on. The fear is the ulcers have turned malignant (cancerous)which would mean the only way the get rid of would be to operate. Dr K has concerns about an operation due to my current state of health, but will cross that bridge when we get to it. To be honest I am over the continual pain and feeling like the walking dead by mid afternoon everyday. It is just not fair on my Family, Meghan and Sam. By the time I get home from work everyday I am not in the best frame of mind and have no energy to really enjoy their company or visa versa. I try my best but I just wish I felt normal. I have another appointment with Dr K on Monday so will discuss in detail, but not really interested in increasing the pain killers as I am on a very high dose now. I am still overwhelmed by the support I receive from everyone. It is the one thing that keeps me getting up each morning and getting through each day, so thank you to All for your phone calls and emails, it means so much to me.


  1. David, you are such an amazing person and genuinely inspire me. I so hope I can come and visit you, Meg & Sammy in the near future. Keep being strong - you are a fighter. Sending all my love to you all, love Lu xoxo

  2. Hi David

    The never ending battle mate, but reading the blog continues to make it very clear to me what is really important in life. Inspiration comes in many forms and your current battle with this bastard of a disease is a true testament to that. Stay the course and know our thoughts are with you, Meg and Sam.