Friday, September 14, 2012

Is the clock ticking!!!

It has been a big week. I had a scope on Monday to take a look and biopsy of the ulsers in my stomach. The pain is still really bad. I also had other CT scan and blood tests. This all culminated in an appointment with Dr. K. Meghan decided to come along this time, which is never a goos sign. It seems when Meg wants to come she is obviously concerned. So with all the info Dr K had he was well informed to bring us up to speed with how I am going. Not good! My cancer cell counts have gone through the roof increasing by 1000 points, this is the biggest increase I have had in along time. The scan showed an increase in all my tumors and larger increase than normal. The spots on my lungs have also increased in size confirming it is definitely tumors. Obviously the SIRT treatment only worked short term. The rush is now on to get me back onto chemo without effecting the ulers too much as we do not want them to bleed. We spoke about the pain I am in and Dr K has decided to hand me over to palliative care to put together concoction to rid me of the pain. I presume this means stronger drugs, but at the moment I don't really care I just want to be pain free. Where to from here? Dr K is going to consult the Doctors in Adelaide who have been following my case and together they will come up with a plan to get me back onto Chemo as soon as possible. This should slow down the spread and growth of the tumors. How ironic is that! I am actually looking forward to going back onto Chemo even knowing how much it mucks up my life. It seems this is the only way to improve my life expectancy. Wish me luck over the next few weeks and I will update once I have a clear direction of what they want to do with me as far as chemo cycles go.

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  1. Good to hear from you mate and know we are thinking of you.