Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An update

It has been awhile since my last post. There has been a lot going on and wanted to wait until I had a clear picture of what I was doing. Dr K spoke with the Specialist in Adelaide and they have another trial drug which they thought might work for me. Sorry I cannot remember the name of it but is very similar to most of the regular chemo cycles but obviously using a different drug. It is approved in the US, but not here. I had to fly down to Adelaide for a rushed appointment with the Specialists to see if I would qualify. To cut a long story short, no I do not qualify as I have been off regular chemo for too long whilst my results have been increasing. Not to worry I still have the fall back to regular chemo treatments, which the Doctors agree will most probably have a better outcome than the trial drug. Meghan, Sam and I are currently away in Bali having a well deserved break for a week. Once I get back I have an appointment with Dr K and straight back onto regulat chemo treatment. I have about three more different treatments to go before I am out of options. Depending on how well I do on each one will give us an indication of how long I have left. So what will happen is I go on one treatment until the side effects get too bad or it stops working and my markers start to increase rapidly. This will be the same for each treatment and once I have tried them all and there is nothing new to try it will be off the chemo until the end.all these treatments can only slow the cancer down and there is nothing out there which will cure my case, so crossed fingers they come up with a miricle drug in the near future which will save me! I am still battling this ulcer and am down to 63 kilos and Meg has nicknamed me "Skelie" obviously short for skeleton. Yes very funny. The increase in drugs has been great and am now pain free most of the time, but when I am in pain it is so bad I cannot describe it, to the point I throw up, so not so nice. Apart from the pain the only issue I have is my stamina, I have trouble concentrating past 3pm in the afternoon and just feel like having a sleep. Not a good look at work I think!! Everything else is great and Meg and Sam are doing well and we are really enjoying this break. Until I have any more news Bye for now.


  1. You continue to amaze me Davo. Such a fighter. I hope you guys are having a fantastic time in Bali. Sending all my love,

    Lu/Aunty Lu xoxo

  2. Enjoy Bali Dave and watching closely your progress.

  3. We want you to know we are sending all of our positive energies and our house is always welcome if you would like to take a trip to Houston to see what the doctors here might have to say... not nearly as glamorous as Bali but, hey, we help however we can. much love!