Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Results still positive but its a Hell of a Ride

Since my last post, which was reasonably positive I have had my 5th cycle of Chemo. Firstly I met with Dr K and my last results showed a reduction in my cancer cell count but not to the extent of the previous, but anything heading down is a good result for me. After the Chemo I was fine for a couple of days then it hit me, I could not keep anything down, food or water. I put up with it for a couple of days hoping I would come good but a seemed to only get worse. In the end I was admitted to hospital with a push from Meghan, but I was so weak I knew I had to go. They kept me in for 4 days on a drip and all sorts of wonder drugs to get me to a stage I could hold down some food. So 4 days later and about 8 kilos lighter out I came. I had another appointment with Dr K and Meghan came along. I think I mentioned in a past blog, when Meghan comes along we have some serious discussions to be had with Dr K. After the last week I had in my mind to give up Chemo altogether. We spoke to Dr K about this and he said to take an extra week off Chemo and come back and see him before my next cycle was due. His diagnosis was, if I was to go off Chemo would have approx 3 months left and with chemo approx 6 months. The last time I was told 6 months was when I was first diagnosed 2 years ago, and Dr K's timeline was purely based on research, and he thinks I will do better than this. When I went back to see him I was in a much better state of mind and really have no choice but to continue, as the treatment is still producing good results, and until it doesn't I am better to keep going. Dr K has lowered the dose to see if this helps. Well I will know in the next few days as I am writing this from the Chemo chair. So looking forward to having a nice weekend with very little nausea and keeping out of hospital. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good Luck (as requested) ;) You're an inspiration David. Xx I watched Sammy walk from school to after school care this arvo - he's taking big school in his stride so well and with a beaut smile. You & Meghan should be so proud! It's only day 2 and he looks like he's settled in so well. X Jacqui O