Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update from last post

I thought I would post another blog as the reaction from my last post was quite overwhelming. I had many calls and emails which I am very appreciative. It was not my intention to worry or scare anyone as the whole idea of this blog site is for me to express myself and hopefully help everyone understand how this terrible disease has change my life and perception on life in general. If the truth is hard to swallow I am sorry but that is the way it is. I had my first full strength treatment 10 days ago. Overall I have handled it well considering. All I thought about when I was sitting in the big chair in the Chemo Suite was feel the drugs going through my body attacking every cancer cell it comes into contact with and killing them. The only problem it does destroy the health cells as well.As long as more cancer cells are destroyed than good cells I will be happy. As I have said many times before I need to keep a positive attitude and for me to feel like the drugs are doing their job helps me to continue with a positive attitude. I have another round of full strength chemo next Tuesday so hopefully I am able to continue to handle the side effects. I have four days of work to go before I retire and we are also flying out for a five day holiday in Cairns next Friday which we are all looking forward to immensely. The closer I get to finishing work the more I realize it is time for me to take it easy and get the rest needed to cope with the chemo. I am sure I will find plenty to do and Meghan will make sure I am busy enough not to be bothering her at work every half hour! I have a CT scan booked in for the day after we get back from Cairns and the a doctors review the following week just before round three of my full strength chemo. This will be a telling appointment in it will show whether the change to full strength chemo is working or not. If it is that will be fantastic and we will continue, if it is not working, well I really do not know where we go from here. I am hoping Dr K has a rabbit he can pull out of his hat. I am still researching any clinical trials which are available in Australia and at this stage there is not much out there but will keep looking. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me over the past few weeks, it really does help to keep me positive and fighting as hard as I can. Thank you All and will post again once I have the result from the next appointment with Dr K.

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