Friday, March 8, 2013

Major test results due next week

I have had another 2 cycles of chemo since my last blog which were still at the 75 percent of my normal dosage. All went well and no major side effects. I have had CT scans and blood tests this week in preparation for another Drs appointment next Monday. These results should tell us approximately how long I have to live,which is all based on historical research, which I have proven wrong before. It will also tell us if the lower dose is actually having any effect on the tumors. If it isn't it is no use continuing on the lower dose and we will just have to bump it backup and try to handle the side effects best we can. If this be the case the timing is not too bad, as of the end of March I will no longer be working. Yes I have handed in my resignation. After the last couple of scares and the fact I can only concerntrate till about 1pm, I feel it is time to back off and get the rest I need to keep fighting this terrible disease. I knew it would happen eventually, but is hard to except once it does happen. I know in my heart it is the best move and will give me more time with my family and that will be fantastic. We have a couple of trips organized in the first few months, so will keep me occupied and once we are back home I will find something to keep the mind stimulated and also do some light excersise just to keep myself health as possible. So mixed emotions at present and am noticing the chemo drugs do make me emotional, but have been prescribed some type of happy pills to take on a regular basis. So for now I will sign off and post again next week with the results from Monday's appointment. Oh I didn't mention before but Meghan is coming along and we have a standing joke she only comes when there is some big news to be told. I hope everyone who reads my blog is well and by now would have been in and tested for cancer? Bye for now to All


  1. Good morning David

    Good luck next week, our best wishes are with you. DP

  2. Hang in there mate, sending you, Meghan and Sam nothing but positive thoughts x