Saturday, April 20, 2013

Latest results are not looking so good. Time for a change????

Hi to everyone who has been reading my blog and I hope for the people outside of my Friends and Family you are able to take some information more on the thoughts of a person with terminal cancer as I suspect this is the reason you are reading my blog. Either for yourself or a family member. I am a little late on posting this blog as when I went to write something I just could not put words on paper. I had a Doctor’s appointment 3 weeks ago and the results were not so good. The good news is my tumor sizes had not grown much since the last scan. The bad news is my cancer cell count in my blood has gone through the roof. It is currently sitting at 13,600 and back in February it was 6,000. So not good news. We have decided to continue with the same treatment as I have really only had one cycle of full strength Chemo. The next scan will be on May the 27th, which should give me another two cycles and hopefully at full strength. We are now moving to the Sunshine Coast in June. As most of you now know I have finished up work to concentrate on my health. Meghan has accepted a job with Mantra Group. Yes the company I have just finished with. Meghan will be the Regional HR Manager for Queensland. For me a change in Doctors may be a good thing now as I have had the same Doctor since I was diagnosed, and a fresh set of eyes and procedures could be just what I need. I have Chemo tomorrow hopefully; all depending on my blood test first up in the morning. Wish me luck and i will update again in the near future.

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