Monday, July 29, 2013

Back for another round of Chemo

How the time just gets away from you. It just seems like a few days ago I had my last round of chemo. I went and seen the Chinese Doctor and he gave me a mixture for the nausea, and it actually worked so I will continue to use it. At this stage I still do not have results but will know more once I have my CT scan in 2 days time. I am still holding a lot of fluid in my legs and stomach area which is a side effect of the chemo. It is very uncomfortable and have been to my local GP and he as given me some more pills to take to get rid of it. I also organized a referral to a specialist oncology doctor. He is actually the doctor I seen 3 years ago when first diagnosed. I really am not happy with the treatment I am getting at the Nambour Hospital. Every visit there is always a hold up and takes so long to have the chemo. Dr H seems to be a good Doctor but is always in a hurry. In a nutshell I just feel like a number and not a person, and at this stage of my cancer progression I would like some personalized treatment. I think I will get this from the specialist once I get in to see him. Hopefully the next blog will have some good results and the new protocol is doing some good. Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Wife for today. Meghan is my rock and I appreciate everything she does for me and some of the irratic things I do on my chemo week. Bye for now


  1. The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time ( A.Lincoln) ciao cosi

  2. My sincerest condolences to Meghan and family. May David rest in peace.

  3. RIP our dearest Son-in-Law. We will love you always. Monica and Wayne

  4. This is an amazing story of courage.
    I am very glad he shared it. I am not sure how I even found it.
    Just wish I found it before he passed cause I would have like to told I care
    what he is going threw! I read the entire thing and I am looking all over for
    the next day and found myself in tears.
    I have lost so many to cancer and have a friend stage 4 and just trying to read
    anything I can for her.
    Many prayers to David and the entire family.
    Thanks for keeping this website up and inspiring us to be grateful for each
    day because it was clear in reading that David was.