Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuff Week

Hi All, just a quick update before I go back in for my next round of Chemo which will be cycle 4 of this protocol. This last cycle left me with a bad case of nausea which has not helped with my weight as I have not been able to eat very much and when I do it is only small amount. It is now 8 days since chemo and I have now just got my appetite back. Looking in the mirror these days is not a pretty site. I have lost a lot of weight in my chest area and have what looks like a blotted stomach. My arms are really skinny. Due to the lack of muscle and fat on my body I find it very hard to keep warm but managing so far. With all this in mind, you might think well just go with it accept this is what will be. Wrong! I am going to See a Chinese acupuncture doctor who claims he could be able to quell the nausea, if this is the case I will be able to break the cycle which seems to be happening at present. If I can get to the stage where a can eat during the first week after chemo I will be able to put on some weight and obviously make me feel better with a wieght increase. I am also going to See a fitness trainer who specializes in cancer rehabilitation to build up my upper body weight and strength. So if I can get this all happening together I am sure it will be a great help to my wellbeing. As you can tell by the tone of this blog I am not giving up and this is all fitting in with the reason for our move to the Sunshine Coast. Wish me luck and thank you to everyone who has been in contact, as without this I do not think I could be positive as I am. Goodbye, and will post another blog once I have had my appointment with Dr H on the 18th of July.


  1. Good Luck David, dp

  2. David, We have only just stumbled across your blog and wish we had found it sooner.
    We are all thinking of you and waiting to hear how your appointment went on the 18th July.
    I am really hoping you are well enough to post on your blog again. Please write soon. Leah especially sends her best wishes to you.